TechnoSmart Terms and Conditions

1. This voucher entitles the holder to get 50% discount on tailoring charges for the technosmart fabric purchased at 

2. This Voucher can be redeemed at 'The Raymond Shop' only against prevailing rates at respective stores

3. The validity period of this Tailoring Voucher is till 30th June 2016 and no request or complaints will be entertained after the expiry of the tailoring voucher under any circumstances

4. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer/promotion running at the store

5. This voucher cannot be redeemed in Cash

6. The voucher needs to be in readable condition while redemption

7. The voucher is applicable only on standard stitching services. Any kind of additional trims in form of lining, styling etc. will attract extra charges

8. This offer is entirely voluntary and therefore it would be assumed that fabric have been purchased as per his/her requirements

9. Delivery of stitched trouser will be completed as per normal delivery lead times

10. No Correspondence will be entertained with respect to the offer

11. No Rewards will be given against torn or damaged or scratched vouchers

12. Raymond Ltd ("Company") has the right to change /modify/withdraw the indicated offer at any time at its discretion without any prior notice

13. The Raymond Shops's responsibility is restricted to providing the stitched trousers in good condition. Any defect arising thereafter shall not be The Raymond Shops's Liability.

14. Disputes, if any, shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Mumbai only

15. Company , Company Sales Staff, Agents of the company or the retail network shall not be liable for any loss, expenses, costs, damages, injury etc. suffered by the recipient for availing this offer.

16. No Duplicate will be issued, if this voucher gets lost/misplaced.